What does it mean Active Desktop?
Active Desktop is a technology introduces by Microsoft since Explorer 4, with which you can put as wallpaper not only an image, but even an html page. This let you have a desktop both animated and interactive.

Here is a listing of the active desktop I made. Of each one, you will find a little description and some previews. In each zip file, there are the istruction hoq to use it.

Have fun!!!!!

Name Sound Interactive Size
MC Star Trek v1.00 S S 1060 Kb
MC Letita Casta Random Wallpaper v1.00 N S 1300 Kb
MC Pamela Anderson Random Wallpaper v1.00 N S 658 Kb
MC Victoria Silvstedt Random Wallpaper v1.00 N S 1600 Kb
MC Renato Zero v1.00 S S 707 Kb
MC UnderSea v1.00 N N 98 Kb
MC Night and Day v1.00 N N 204 Kb